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Washer and Dryer

Having a washer and dryer set in your home is great convenience. Using a laundromat means you need to leave the house and can be expensive. Hand washing clothes and hang drying them is tedious and time consuming. Having a washer and dryer in your house can be a big advantage but make sure to keep your units well maintained.

First, lets take a look at how these systems work. After you fill the washer with clothes (make sure they are machine washable!), load the detergent and select the cycle, the machine will fill with water. It will then stir the clothes using an agitator for a little while. After finishing this step, the water will drain and a spin cycle starts. The spinning action is used to remove the water from the clothes. The machine will then repeat these steps (i.e. water, agitate, drain and spin) to help remove the detergent from the clothes.

The dryer is an even simpler process. Clothes are placed in the dryer and a cycle is selected. The tumbler starts spinning the clothes inside the tumbler. The heating element, powered by gas or electric, will turn on to help the water evaporate. The exhaust from evaporation is vented through a lint trap filter, out the back of the machine and down a tube to the outside environment.

Dryer and Washer Maintenance

The main focus for dryer and washer maintenance is on cleaning. The regular emptying of a lint trap or wiping down the surfaces is a good start, but at least a couple times a year do a thorough cleaning.

Washer Maintenance Checklist

Most of the maintenance for the washer and dryer consist of cleaning. The best part is that the these tasks consist of easy do-it-yourself steps.

  • Use a level to verify the the washer is level. Fix by adjusting the legs. Make sure to level the unit from front to rear and then side to side.
  • Inspect the water supply hose on the back for cracks or leaks. If it is damaged, it is best to replace with a braided steel hose. Make sure the water supply valve is off before replacing.
  • Use a self-cleaning tablet designed for a washer on an empty cycle. This should remove any buildup from the surfaces.
  • Use a rage and soapy water to clean the rim of the door.

Dryer Maintenance Checklist

Lint is the biggest problem with a dryer. Keeping is clean and clear of lint will improve its operating efficiency and lower the chances of a dryer fire.

  • Before cleaning the unit, make sure it is level.
  • Pull out the lint trap and clean thoroughly. While the trap is removed, use a vacuum hand utility to clean the inside of the vent. Put the trap back in place.
  • Move the dryer away from the wall carefully. Remove the vent duct between the dryer and the wall. Use the vacuum hand utility to clean out the inside. Put everything back in place.
  • Remove the front panel. Clean out the inside with the vacuum hand utility. Stay clear of the electronics. Damaging these section could be very costly. Put the panel back in place.


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